Wednesday, September 10, 2014

NEW SERIES - Friend's Houses! Meet BJ :)

SO, I know I just posted for an entire week about million dollar, professionally decorated, immaculate houses - but let's be real. That is NOT reality for most of us, and certainly not for me! 

Truth be told, I am usually much more excited by REAL people's houses and the projects that they do to turn their house into their dream home! I love seeing how other people my age live. Just because we don't have a million dollars and 5,000 square feet doesn't mean our habitats can't be awesome. Have you seen the before and after pictures of my house? I think I'm living proof that with a little creativity, a LOT of elbow grease, time, and a vision, that a boring and outdated house can be turned into a happy, humble abode!

That being said, I'm starting a new series where I share with you some pictures of my amazing, awesome, creative friend's houses so you can be inspired with what real people on real budgets do in real homes, similar to what Evan and I have done in ours.

If we haven't met but you have done some pretty cool work to your house, e-mail me at and I will be happy to be your friend and share your home too! ;)

Without further delay, first up is my beautiful friend BJ from college! How cute is her family? Her sweet baby boy Ean turns ONE this week! BJ and her husband have lived in their house since June 2012, and this summer went on a painting spree of their first floor, and I absolutely LOVE the results!

First, take a look at the difference in the kitchen! I love it! (Scroll below for a before picture) The color is Valspar's "Wet Pavement." I love the gray against the white counters and dark cabinets. Looks so modern and fresh! 

Just like us, BJ and her husband decided to reuse the cabinets that were in place in their house when they moved in. They gave theirs a facelift using Rust-Oleum's Transformation Cabinet Wood Refinishing System.  The difference is amazing! Seriously makes the cabinets look new again! 

Also just like me, BJ's next plans are for new countertops and a new backsplash! (And like me AGAIN, feels very thankful to have white laminate in the meantime!) One of my other favorite things in her kitchen is the new chalkboard, made with a little chalkboard paint and trim. Looks awesome!

Next room on the tour is the family room. I LOVE the accent wall, fireplace, and bookshelves in their family room! As a mom with a kid with tons of toys, I'm jealous of that storage!

They also painted their entry hall and dining room. (Where do you guys find this energy with a little guy running around? Please share your secret!) Overall I just love the colors. They are 100% right up my alley!
Last but not least, love her mums :) 

BJ thank you so much for being the first friend to share your house on my site! And Ean, I hope you have a wonderful first birthday! :) 

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  1. Such a lovely home! Thanks for sharing it with us! Love the big blackboard!


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