Friday, May 30, 2014

Remember me? Life updates & future goals!

Hello my long lost friends! Life is busy but life is good. Let me fill you in on some of what I've been doing and thinking! Lots of changes!

1) Our baby is FOUR months old!! Can time fly by any faster? He is seriously turning into a little boy before our very eyes. He recently started laughing with these tremendous belly giggles (just like his dad does!) It is awesome! My heart is overflowing.

2) I went back to work on April 30th, working Monday - Thursday. So thankful my firm let me cut  back on my hours and let me work a more flexible schedule. However, being a working mom is still TOUGH! I miss the little guy so much, and on the days I work I constantly feel tired and rushed. On the flipside though, I do love my job and it is nice to feel productive in a more intellectual sense again. Overall though, I'm still trying to get in the swing of things. Thankfully, it is getting a little easier every week and having Friday's off is amazing :)

3) That being said, now that I am slowly getting back into a routine, I've been thinking a lot about my goals and how I can be intentional with my time to be the best mom, wife, friend, employee, and me that I can be. There are two goals I want accomplish for *me*. First, losing the baby weight! I've been really motivated the last few weeks to eat healthily and work out. I want to fit into my old clothes again, and I have 8.5 pounds to go until I am back to my pre-baby weight!

4) My second goal, get back into blogging! I miss it! I stopped for awhile because we slowed down on house projects once I was pregnant and sick every day.. (ugh!) That being said, life has shifted a bit and therefore I think the focus of this blog is going to shift a bit as well! It used to be 100% about the house, and now its going to be maybe 60% about the house and 40% about life in general :)  To kick off this change, I'm even having my website redesigned, which will be revealed soon! I'm so excited to share!

Anyway, thats all for now :) I look forward to sharing more with you in the near future!

PS - The above are instagram pictures from our recent trip to California! You can follow me on instagram under the name saramb11 :)
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