Thursday, September 25, 2014

My MUST HAVE Accessory for Organization! (And I'm giving one away, too!)

I have total mom brain. Things just don't stick in my brain the way they used to and I constantly think to myself "Now, what was it I was supposed to do today again?"  I always feel like I am forgetting something (and I usually am!) As someone who is naturally type A and used to be super organized, this has caused me a lot of unnecessary stress! I've tried a few different types of solutions in terms of to-do lists to keep myself organized, but I have found a true winner in the form of this Archie Grand notebook. It is stylish, quircky, and just the right size to throw in my purse and to put by my nightstand at night. It goes with me everywhere I go, and I refer to it as "my brain on paper". Any time a to-do item or an idea pops into my head, into the notebook it goes! I have my daily to-do lists, shopping lists, birthday reminders, blog ideas, house project ideas, and more all listed on pages throughout this book.
In terms of my failed attempts at organization, these were mostly of the electronic variety. I tried to-do lists in Word, notes on my phone, Microsoft "One Note" on my work computer, and Evernote. However, too often my ideas would pop into my head when I was away from my computer, and by the next time I opened up my computer that idea was long, long gone. I also tried to have a list on my phone, but I just couldn't find an app that I felt really worked nicely for how I wanted to organize my thoughts. And let's be real, there is nothing like crossing off a to-do list item written on a piece of paper with a colored pen. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

I actually got this Archie Grand notebook from J.Crew ages ago. This one is filling up, so I started looking at replacements from the company and just have to laugh at the amazing titles and ogle at the beautiful, bright colors! I'm about to order myself a few more of these (definitely the "Blondes I Met and Liked" notebook) and thought I'd buy one for a lucky reader as well!

All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment with which notebook you would like to have! (Either one of the ones pictures below - my favorites - or one from the website which has hundreds more listed HERE). The winner will be chosen and announced a week from today!

Note: This is not sponsored by Archie Grand, this is brought to you by yours truly!


  1. I am the same way with having a paper and pen list! I would choose the "redheads I met and liked." :)

  2. The bright yellow will be easy for your mom eyes to spy! You will need to amp up your secret agent skills as he grows! I choose the "blondes I met..."

  3. Love the grey one "bloggers I like". Thank you ,

  4. Have been catching up on all your blog post's. Was away to visit family in Toronto.
    Nice notebooks and there is something nice about just writing.
    Anyway a big hug to you and your beautiful family.
    Don't need a notebook as I have lot's. It's passion of mine to write daily. The kindness of you doing a give away is very special. Karma always rewards people who do nice things for others.
    Take care and have a nice day.
    I bet you have started to feel the decorating itch for Fall and Halloween.

  5. I love the color of the "wines" one!

  6. I want the shoes I had one. Although a purse I had might be more me, shoes are my second favorite. Hope I win!!!

  7. From one Sara to another :-), I'd love one to keep track of my "to-do's", but I'm wondering if it will get lost in my purse with the Lego's, bags of teddy grahams, baby socks, receipts...
    I love your blog and can really identify with you :-)
    Sara F.

  8. I love the "Bloggers I met and liked." I draw so much inspiration from bloggers and I would love to win won of these. Thanks

  9. Definitely hipsters I've met and liked for me :)

  10. I love the "shopaholics" one that is bright pink! Thanks!

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