Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013 Recap

Here are some pics of our quiet Christmas together at home before traveling to celebrate with our crazy families!

Ahh, there is nothing like a nice clean decorated house!

All decorated for Christmas..

I love the truck and lamb under the tree! Makes me so excited for next year when we have lots of kid presents :)

Evan and his new Bose noise canceling headphones (I'm hoping I don't regret getting him this gift!)

And for me? The hubs got me the new sheets I've been coveting :)

And a Restoration Hardware giftcard! 

And I had to include a bump pic... 33 weeks!! Getting so big :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pregnant Mama Must Haves

I know 99% of you are not pregant, but there are a small handful of products I have sworn by during this pregnancy, and therefore have decided I have to share!

1) Eberjay Pajamas. They are SO SOFT! It is such a special treat to have these silky, cute, and comfy pajamas during a time when I feel so huge and sleep doesn't come easily.  I loved them so much that as soon as I bought a pair, I bought another pair (in this style). Also, while they fit my BIG belly perfectly, I also think they'll fit perfectly well later (and will be great for late night nursings)

2) Kleen Kanteen. I am always, always, always thirsty. This bottle keeps water ice cold and it gives me comfort that it is toxin-free. I bring this with me everywhere I go!

3) My husband Evan's XL hooded sweatshirt. (He has this one from J.Crew) It is soft, loose and cozy. Now that I'm in my third trimester, it is seriously the only thing I want to wear when I get home from work! Ladies, steal a sweatshirt from your man!

4) Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow. An absolute, 100% must have. I am pretty sure I would not be able to sleep without it at this point! (I even lugged it 250 miles away on a business trip with me because I could not bear the thought of going a night without it!) 

5) Honest Company Cleaning Products. The strong smells of the cleaning products I regularly use have  been extremely bothersome to me since becoming pregnant, but at the same time I've also become more obsessed with things being very, very clean and sanitized. A perfect solution has been Honest Company products - specifically their multi-purpose spray, bathroom cleaner, and toilet cleaner. They really get the job done and don't irritate me in the least! 

6) Clarisonic Mia. My skin's been a little crazy since becoming pregnant (hello hormones!) and this has really helped me get my skin feeling and looking clean! I have super sensitive skin so I only use it 2x a week, but its enough to really clean my pores and leave my skin feeling soft and great. Worth every penny!

7) Be Maternity BeBand from Target. AMAZING! I have a handful of these that I wear with all of my work pants and they have spared me from having to buy ANY maternity dress pants (which believe me I shopped for and shopped for but could not find any that fit!) At $16.99, just such an amazing product. 

Any other recommendations? I'd love to hear!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Nursery Progress!

Hello long lost friends! Today I'm officially 32 weeks pregnant :) Getting closer (and BIGGER!) by the second!

We are working on getting prepared for our baby boy's arrival! The goal is to finish up the nursery and get 100% organized over Christmas break. I'm due February 8th, and the planner in me feels really good about being ready about a month early JUST in case! (And the bigger I get the harder it is to move around, so the time cushion will be very nice too in case we don't get everything done!) 

My AMAZING baby shower was last weekend and we got a ton of stuff to fill the room (and quite frankly every room!) so while it looks a little bare now, in two weeks it will look just about finished! I'll definitely share pictures of the final product :) 

And here is a pic of the baby shower. Unfortunately my camera died immediately, so I don't have very many :(  TEAR!

Hope you are all doing well :)

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