Monday, January 2, 2012

A little recap of everything :)

First let me say that I had the BEST Christmas vacation ever!! My 12 days off were amazing. I loved having SO much time off with Evan, visiting my family and friends, wrapping up a long list of house projects, and just plain old relaxing! (Lots of naps, reading, and movie watching!)

1. Today my Amaryllis finally started to bloom, and we also got a TON of snow! It is beautiful and it made for the coziest day at home! It made for a great last day of vacation!

2. As I said before, we got a TON of house projects done over the last week! I cannot wait to share them all with you :) Here are a couple of sneak peaks of my new chalkboard wall in the eating area and the finished 1/2 bath downstairs! 

3. 2011 was an amazing year, one of the best years yet! We bought our first house, we are finally feeling settled and grounded and that is SUCH a welcome feeling (FYI - we've moved 4 times in the last 2 years!), we've both made great strides in our careers, we are healthy and happy and overall, life is just good :) 

4. I don't necessarily have New Years resolutions, so much as I have New Year's dreams for 2012. They are as follows: finish decorating/renovating the house, obtain more work/life balance, take a sweet vacation for our 4-year anniversary in August, and maybe even have a bun in the oven next year at this time! :) Like I said, dreams! :)

PS- I also have to say thank you to Shanna from Swoon Style & Home for naming The Fat Hydrangea as one of her favorite blogs! I am so touched :) Thank you Shanna!! 


  1. Yay! I just love your home - your dining area? Amazing! I was thrilled to blog about you! I am insanely jealous of your snow. Happy New Year!

  2. Really love the chalkboard in the eating area.
    You just need to buy some colored chalk and let your decorating ideas flow.
    Bun's in the oven, yes I agree with Suz we all love bun's.
    Sounds like you had a very relaxing 12 days with your hubby, family and close fiends.
    Hoping the New Year brings you and Evan much joy and happiness.

  3. HIGH FIVE to the chalkboard project- and to having an AWESOME 2012!


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