Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Next Project: A Cute Closet!

So, my next project is my closet. I have kind of a love - hate relationship with it it.

Hate: It is the smallest closet I've ever had, by far.
Love: It is the biggest closet of every house we looked at in our neighborhood, by far.

There is a small hallway between our master bedroom and bath, and it is off of that hall.

When we painted our bedroom, I painted the small hall the same color, Martha Stewart's "Flagstone" from Home Depot. I also love my number sign for holding scarves and purses :)

The actual closet on the other hand... Ahhh!!

The walls are totally beaten up with scuff marks all over the trim. It is UGLY! And the one bare lightbulb hanging from the ceiling is a little erie. But don't worry, I have plans to make it super cute :)

My idea is that the closet walls need some color... and a pattern!!

That being said, I've been collecting pictures of super cute wallpapered closets on Pinterest (where else!) Here are my fav's:

Source: Pinterest

I especially love the color and pattern of this pantry though, and this is what I'm going to try to replicate in my closet.. Only instead of wallpaper, I'm going to stencil and paint! (After how much wallpaper I've REMOVED in this house over the past six months, I just don't have the heart to add any of it!)

Source: Pinterest

And I think maybe I'll make the stencil a LITTLE bit bigger! I also want to add a new light fixture for the ceiling, baskets for the top shelves for storing my accessories such as swimsuits, hats, and gloves, and get new premium hardwood hangers...

But ah, just thinking of it makes me excited! :)

PS- Evan has TWO small closets on the other side of mine. Of course he only takes up one, so the other one we use as a linen closet :)
PPS - All of my jackets and coats are in the front hall downstairs or the mudroom.
PPSS - All of my dresses are in my office closet.
PPPSS - I have shoes EVERYWHERE!!! Ah, I love shoes :)
PPPSSS - If we live in this house another 10-years, we are contemplating the idea of blowing out the small hall, my closet, and Evan's closets, and making one HUGE amazing walk-in closet!


  1. I love it! My closet is in rough shape too. ANd I am with you on not being able to put up wallpaper, no matter how chic. I'm hoping to to a stenciled wall treatment in my closet someday as well. I can't wait to see what you do!

  2. decorated closets....oh to be young again!
    I love it!
    I love the patterned one you chose....good idea about using paint...I will never wallpaper again
    I plead guilty to too many shoes myself
    can't wait to see the photos of your transformation
    and thanks for the offer of a bottle of wine...
    hee are funny

  3. My closet is a complete jungle! Thanks for the inspiration!!! Those closets are gorgeous!

  4. The joys of older homes and the closets that come with! ;) Love the idea of the stencil and those patterns are too too cute. I traded all my hangers for the skinny velvet ones that you can find at TJ Maxx/Target/etc. and they actually saved a ton of room. My front entryway closet (also where I house all my coats/jackets) has nice wooden ones, but everything else I hang on the velvet ones.

    You've been tagged in a little blogger fun if you'd like to play along. xoxo

  5. I got wooden hangers at Ikea for a great price and loved them, but recently I switched them out with gray skinny velvety hangers...their size enables me to fit many more clothes in they look pretty too! :)

  6. I see that Glitterista and I have the same hangers. :)

  7. Closets can be so much fun to re-do, especially when you have your ideas so well thought out and organized. Can't wait to see the finished product. (er, products it sounds like:) Just make it your secret small space and you will love it.


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