Monday, January 9, 2012

Office Updates: Curtains and Corkboard!

I've made SLIGHTLY more progress on the office over the last couple of weeks! Most visibly, I've added new curtains (which I scored on clearance at West Elm - $29 each!) and corkboards (from Hobby Lobby, each 40% off!) I also repainted all of the trim white, which looks AMAZING but you can't really capture the difference in the pictures.

At first I wasn't so sure about the 96" length of the curtains, but now that they are up, I love them! (It was all they had left!) I think it adds a touch of elegance to the room, not to mention it makes the ceilings look higher. Nice surprise!

So, that leaves the following items to add and things to do before the room is complete:
        - Desk Chair
        - Throw Rug
        - Desk Lamp
        - Replace fan w/new overhead pendant
        - Organize my books/decor in a way that looks cute :)

Slowly but surely, I'm making some progress!

I should note... the budget on this room is LOW. I don't plan on using this room as an office forever.. I think in a few years it will become a child's room :)

That being said, I dont want to add anything that is too expensive or permanent (or hard to move). I just want it to be simple, functional, and a little inspirational for now! For me, this room is not about having a design that could be in magazine, but really just making the most of what I already have and getting a big bang for my buck on the other items I need to make it work!

I should note, this room is already simple, functional, and inspirational, and its not even done yet :)
Mission (almost) accomplished!


  1. Sara it's gorgeous!! I just happened upon a great sale over at Rugs USA - 75% off a bunch of rugs and free shipping! What color grey is that? I'm thinking it would be perfect in my dining room.

  2. It almost LOOKS magazine-y, though! I was thinking that before I read your line about it not needing to be. I really love the bulletin boards!

  3. Thank you for these office ideas. The stuff mentioned here are must-haves. :)

  4. Office updates curtains and cork board is shown here. Have a look at it


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