Thursday, January 26, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My cousin Charlie recently went to my family's old farm house in Wisconsin and found a bunch of my grandpa's old slides hidden away in a box in the attic. He spent a LOT of time going through them, and scanned and restored hundreds of these old pictures.. Let me tell you, they are AMAZING!

I've only seen maybe one or two pictures of my mom as a child before this, and it took my breath away! I feel it gives me new insight into her life and who she is by seeing all these pictures of her childhood.

And I love seeing how much we resemble each other! (And how much she resembles my sister too, in the last picture it is uncanny how much they look alike as babies!) Anyway, it just makes me cherish my mom and my family and where I came from even more :)

My mom's first communion :)

My mom is on the far left - I swear I looked EXACTLY like this!

And here she looks exactly like my sister... I love that she is looking at a book in this picture too, since now she is a librarian :)

I love you Mom!


  1. Oh what a find! and I all look alike and that is not fair to the rest of the women of America! such beauty in one family
    have funn going through them
    My mom has few pictures of herself as a child
    boo hoo

  2. What a fun adventure to go through so many family photos! You do look alike, and that picture of your sister is adorable. ;)

  3. Wow! You look so much like her! I love looking at family pix!

  4. Those family pictures are just adorable. You all look alike and such beautiful genes.
    So wonderful of your cousin to take the time to bring all these pictures back to begin enjoyed by the family.


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