Sunday, January 8, 2012

After Christmas, the house feels n-a-k-e-d! How I fight that feeling!

I always feel like it's a bit of a sad day when the Christmas decorations finally come down. I miss the tree and the lights and the cozy decor. As I said in the title, the house just feels NAKED without it!

I,  however, have developed a game plan over the last year few years to help overcome this feeling and embrace the change. It involves the following:

1) Switch out the holly for some fresh, early-springlike sprigs...

2) Redo my vignettes around the house. This involves taking down the Christmas decor, but still leaving up some of the winter decor (snow, white poinsettias,  etc.) and adding just a few little signs of spring. As time goes on, I start to put away the winter decor and add more elements of spring!

3) Clean the house TOP to BOTTOM. Make sure the house SPOTLESS! It will make "naked" feel clean, organized, and simplified instead of sad.

I can honestly say my house has not been this put together and clean since we moved in, and I'm loving it :) It is refreshing!

 4) Candles are MAJORLY IMPORTANT for helping with this transition! I always miss the Christmas lights, so having candles lit around the house helps keep some of the sparkle in the atmosphere! I personally love the scent of lemon this time of the year.. 

(This C.O. Bigelow lemon scented candle is by far my favorite candle in the world!) 

5) It has also totally helped this year that it has been SO SUNNY! I dare say it was almost warm this weekend. This has definitely helped with the transition too, not that its anything I can control! :) I'm sure we'll get three feet of snow here any minute now!

And THAT is how I fight the post-Christmas blues and welcome in the New Year with my surroundings :) It's all about a fresh start! Hope everyone's year is starting off well :)


  1. I hear you! It's hard. My house feels so empty. I love your ideas! Where is the CO Bigelow candle from? I always gravitate toward cinnamon/pumpkin scents in the Winter, but a fresh lemon would be terrific. Your house is just so darn lovely!

  2. I found you . . . on Lettered Cottage . . . as soon as I clicked on your name I knew I would enjoy my visit . . . because of your header. Love it and love these fresh spring like glimpses of what is around the corner. Very nice indeed . . . I will visit you today and enjoy . . . and be back soon too . . .

  3. sara, you are amazing...just love how fresh and delightful your rooms look
    Love your french door by your entry...nice detail with this house...the house you dreamed into being....

  4. Youe house looks so fresh and beautiful! I just noticed the comment before me said your house looks fresh too, ha.

    I usually keep our "winter" decor up for a while too, we haven't even had snow yet so I'm not tired of it yet. Happy New Year!

  5. I leave up holiday stuff way later than is really necessary (or seemly!) but I do trade out super Christmasy decor for more red for Valentine's Day. ;)

  6. you home seems so clean, organized, and welcoming.... i love it!

  7. Sara! Your dining room is gorgeous! The color, furniture, styling...perfect.

    I also don't like taking down Christmas stuff. We still have our tree up because it hasn't dropped a single needle yet ('s like Super Tree or something) and we'd still have our mantle up if the cats hadn't decided to "help" and knock it all on the floor. :P

  8. Was I suppose to take down my tree?
    Not until this Friday, I'm still enjoying looking at all the lights and ornaments.
    But I'm like you Sara then it will be a clean sweep of everything and starting fresh again.
    I wish I could buy that type of candle here citrus fruits are my favorite.
    I just love looking at all the pic. you share with us, the colors you have chosen are just beautiful.

  9. Thanks everyone! :) Your comments are too kind!

    Erin - When we took our tree down, it was shedding needles like crazy, and in the process of taking off the lights, I think EVERY last needle fell off of our tree! :)

    Glitterista - I was thinking of doing a Valentine's day wreath craft project... :)

    Also Shanna- CO Bigelow has their own stores - I believe they are owned by Bath & Body Works, but they are better!!! :)

  10. Sara your house looks gorgeous, you should be so proud!

  11. Hi! I am a stranger from Southern California, and I have to just say THANK YOU for painting your entire house Martha Stewart Flagstone! I have been staring at that exact swatch on my walls for days, feeling in love with the color, but wondering if it will be too dark for the majority of my home. I got online and google imaged "Martha Stewart Flagstone", and found your blog. You have set my mind at ease, and have given me the confidence that it will look GORGEOUS! You decorate just like me, with whites and neutrals, etc, so I can't wait to see what my decor looks like against the paint once it's on the walls. Thank you for the inspiration to take a leap of faith with a warm color! :) Your house is so beautiful - Happy New Year!

  12. Hi Jennie! I am SO glad you love the Flagstone color :) I actually stole it from my sister, who had her Chicago apartment painted with it! Thanks for the super nice comments! Good luck with your painting - if you want, send me a pic @, I'd love to see how it looks in your space! :)


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