Monday, November 21, 2011

Packed Up Fall & Prepared for Spring

This weekend, I packed up all my fall decorations and put them away!

I also planted daffodil bulbs for spring.

I thought I'd missed my opportunity, but we had yet ANOTHER warm, beautiful weekend here in the midwest! Thank you Lord :)

AND, I also dug out my Christmas decorations.. but you'll just have to wait until after Thanksgiving to see those :) 


  1. Since I am not having Thanksgiving dinner, I too, may take down my autumn decorations....
    Daffodils will look smashing against your home...good girl...and squirrels don't eat them!
    and they multiply them

  2. Your house is going to look SO beautiful for Christmas and I can't wait a moment more to see it! We have a strict no-Christmas-decor-before-Thanksgiving rule in our house so I can't wait to decorate :)


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