Monday, November 14, 2011

Dining Room Thanksgiving Decor + My Pinterest Challenge!

My dining room is all dressed up for Thanksgiving!! 

The banner is my "Pinterest Challenge" project.. Not nearly as good as the original, but at least it looks good from far away! Maybe next year I'll try to do it in burlap (this year I just used brown craft paper!)

At this moment, I am thankful my house is finally starting to come together :)

PS - Sorry it is so dark in the pics! One of the cons of daylight savings time is that is already dark when  I get home from work :(
PPS - I need new drapes in here!!


  1. Beautiful! I love the style of your house- such classic elements.
    I have that same bread box :)

  2. What a pretty dinning room. That lantern is stunning.

  3. Cute dining room. I've been wanting some of these ladder shelves for awhile now myself :) They really tie your room together.

    Unfortunetly...I don't even have a dining room to decorate..imagine that!

  4. p.s. we both started our blogs last month! yay to us :)

  5. love your dining room! what colors did you use (i assume you painted the bench and shelves, right?) and i have to tell you, i just found your blog and your house and the one next to yours looks JUST like two houses we have in our town! are you in the midwest??

  6. Hi Leah! The walls are Martha Stewart's Falcon from Home Depot, the black is Behr's Black Suede, and the white trim is a custom color from Sherwin Williams. The bench is from Pottery Barn and the shelves are from Value City Furniture (a steal!) So, the white is actually the original color! (Go figure, the two pieces of furniture in my house that have NOT been painted!)

    And yes, I live in the midwest :)


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