Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Built-In Beauties

One of my favorite things about our new house in the built-ins in our living room. They make a beautiful transition between the living room and the addition, and are perfect for storing all my little accessories! I love the scalloped edges as well.

You know I mentioned that I'm repainting all the trim in my house white? Well that includes all doors, wainscoting, beadboard, stairs, stair rail, fireplace mantels, AND the built ins. I actually snapped these two photos so when I took everything off the shelves so I'd remember where it all goes, since I like the arrangement :) 

Good news? Over the past week, I've painted ALL the trim in the downstairs of the house, except the kitchen! (insane I know.. I was working on it 5-7 hours a DAY!) I'll share pictures soon. It's AMAZING what a difference the crisp, clean, white paint makes! I swear it takes 40 years off the house!


  1. i love your bookcases! I am taking notes because I have built-ins in my den that need serious attention and accessories!

  2. House is looking gorgeous! Love the built-in arrangement, and can't wait to see the mudroom!!


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