Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas List!

Ah, the title of this post is very misleading. I bet you clicked on the link thinking I'd have all the beautiful & sparkly things I hope to get for Christmas, but nope - this is my official:

 TO-DO by Christmas List!

Ever since we've moved in, I've had Christmas in the back of my mind as the date to have this HUUGE list of items done in the house. I'm happy to say, we've got the majority of them done! Just a handful of things left to do ourselves and our house will feel more like a HOME and less like a work-in-progress. Here it is:

- Paint all the trim in the house white
- Paint mudroom lockers white (halfway there!)
- Install beadboard in the master bathroom
- Reconfigure bookshelves in the addition to fit our TV (halfway there!)
- Get a coffee table for the addition
- Install new carpet in addition (Once all construction and painting is complete)
- Get a desk for my office
- Redo 1/2 bath including: Paint, install new mirror, new lighting, new towel holder, new hand towels and rug.

Oh, and decorate the house for CHRISTMAS! inside and out. I'm getting excited already. I'm even looking forward to snow! (Although please don't quote me on that later!)

Here were my decorations in our old apartment:

There are also a few other things our to-do short list, but they don't necessarily have to be done by Christmas in my book... (But definitely in the next 6 months!) This includes the FULL master bath renovation and installation of slate floors in the entry and the mudroom. I'm still trying to decide whether I want to try to do the tile work myself (aka have Evan do it!) or hire someone to do it. Have you tried tiling yourself? Any tips and tricks? If you have posted about tiling on your own blog, send me the link!

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  1. I'm right there with you on Christmas! I am so excited. This is our first Christmas in our new home, so I am just bursting with ideas.

    Ooh, I'm curious to see if you guys DIY the tiling. Im considering doing same in my master bath on the floor. That project is months away ... but I'm doing my homework now (I always seem to be like five projects ahead of myself ...)

    Happy weekend!


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