Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Resto & PB Living Room Lighting

In the 70 years my house has been in existence, no one has ever installed any lighting in our living room! And let me tell you, that room can be DARK!

To improve the lighting situation, I bought two of the Hammond Sconces from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child. The problem - the ugly cords! (Luckily, these can be hardwired.) I also bought the Photographer's Spotlight Track Lighting Kit from Pottery Barn Outlet (saved major $$). Last week, an electrician came and installed them for me. Let there be light! I love the results.



So much better :) 


  1. What a huge difference! What's your grey wall color? I love that too!

  2. Love those lights! Your living room looks great. :)

  3. LOOOOVE the fire place and hardwoods. Your house is exactly my style. Cute!


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