Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Half Bath - Halfway Done :)

Upon moving into our new house four months ago, our half bathroom wasn't terrible but it was definitely very BLAH. The worst feature of this room was just the layers upon layers of yellowing wallpaper. Typically I would remove wallpaper and wouldn't even THINK of painting over it, but trying to remove even a small corner of it proved to be really scary! It just kept going and going! SO, I got out my trusty Killz Premium Primer and put two coats on over the wallpaper. It's nice because it acted like glue and held down the edges and corners that were starting to peel.

I then painted the room Martha Stewart's "Mushroom" from Home Depot (same color as the hallway and mudroom) and repainted the trim, doors, and built-ins a clean, fresh, white. I also removed the hinges and spray painted them oil-rubbed bronze (Rustoleum Brand spray paint- love the stuff!) And added oil-rubbed bronze hardware to the doors. I've only done half the transformation, but it makes a WORLD of difference! The room feels so much cleaner and so much more modern.

My next step is to add a new mirror, light fixture, and towel rod. The ones I've picked are from Pottery Barn. (Note: Eventually we will rip out the Pergo flooring and put in slate in the mudroom/hallway/and bath as well).

All of these items are on my Christmas List :) And as you can see, I already have my nice little Christmas hand towel in there! (I couldn't resist!)

And now, we are starting the upstairs bath!! Ah it is a disaster zone!


  1. you are such an inspiration
    I love all of your choices
    ...I guess your home reflects you, sara
    and that is a good thing
    good job girl

  2. Sara,
    What a beautiful job you did on the bathroom. It's so fresh and uplifting. I so love the before and after pictures.
    Keep up the great work, we just love to see the progress. It's a real inspiration to get us moving on our basement in Jan.


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