Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My First Design Project! Before Pics & Inspiration


My good friend Matt has enlisted me to help decorate his new apartment. It is a blank slate, in a perfect location, with beautiful views and tons of potential. It is 1200 square feet with one bedroom, two bathrooms, and an office. Matt is 32, a pilot, an engineer, is currently getting his MBA, and loves scotch, golfing, x-box, and his 20 nieces and nephews......and he is single, so this will be a bachelor pad! (On that note, he is seriously one of the best guys I know.. He is Evan's best friend from childhood, was the best man in our wedding, and Miles' God father, so, if any of you single ladies out there are looking.....) Ok, ok, enough embarrassing the guy (Sorry Matty!) Back to the space. 

Although it isn't technically a loft apartment, that is the overall look and feel we are going for.  It will have a boys club feel, while still being inviting, sophisticated, and cozy.  We want to incorporate artwork and design that nods to his interest in planes and flying, while also incorporating a lot of rustic and industrial elements. 

I've gone and visited the space twice now, and we've honed in some paint colors, furniture ideas, light fixtures, and artwork. The first set of pictures below encapsulate my early sources of inspiration (from my Pinterest page here). Since he is renting, we have some limitations (we keep dreaming of refinishing the floors, knocking out walls, and installing new countertops, but it will still be awesome nonetheless!) 

I'm excited to share this decorating journey with you! It is the goal to have it mostly done by the holidays and for Matt to host a Christmas housewarming party. 

So here is the inspiration:

And here is the space:

Clearly Evan and Miles are just as excited about decorating the space as I am, haha :) 


  1. oh boy lots of paint and furniture and artwork and rugs
    can you change LIGHT FIXTURES?

  2. So much potential waiting to happen.
    I can see cutting down the wall Evan is pointing at to open the kitchen up some.
    Can't wait to see the finally out come. You go girl!!
    Your last post with the Halloween decorations looks lovely. Nothing better than Miles first 1st Halloween!
    Hope you have a nice costume already picked out for him.

  3. So excited for you! Can't wait to see it.


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