Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Decor 2014

First, I'm happy to report Miles is finally feeling a quite a bit better. His nose is still running like a faucet and night's aren't as easy as usual, but at least he is his sweet, happy self during the day! We are making progress! 

ANYWAY, I've always decorated for fall (see here), but this year I decided to really amp up the Halloween decor this year. There is something about having a kid in the house that makes me want to make the holidays as magical as possible  (nevermind the fact he is only 8-months old!) Black cats, bright orange pumpkins, friendly spiders and bats! It's pretty darn fun :) 

The "Trick or Treat" banner, table runner, black cat, and pumpkin bag are all from Pottery Barn Kids.

The light-up pumpkins are from Pottery Barn and a few years old.

The child spider mugs are from Crate and Barrel, but a few years old as well. Here is a similar one.

Seriously, having kids is so much fun :)


  1. So fun!! Well it is good practice for next year when he will appreciate it more! Gad to hear he is starting to feel better!

  2. Love the lighted pumpkins! Holidays + Kids = does equal Magic :)

  3. Ok, can you please come decorate my home??! Yours is beautiful!


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