Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Friend's Houses: Meet Kelly!

As I mentioned yesterday, and I am very excited to share with you my good friend Kelly's BEAUTIFUL home! What you can't tell from these pictures is how far this home has come since Kelly and her husband John bought this house several years ago. They have transformed every inch of this space!

Most recently they updated their family room with these incredible navy blue walls. I'm in LOVE! It makes me want to go paint all of the walls in my house blue!

Their dining room contains this incredible harvest table. John made the table top and they attached it to an existing table base. It looks amazing and it seats ten people, so perfect for the upcoming holidays!

Kelly also made the slipcover for the chair below. Love the fabric and the ruffle at the bottom!

Below is their beautiful kitchen! I wish I had some of the before pictures because you would never even recognize the space. Upon moving in, they removed numerous walls and an oddly placed half bath and made the kitchen open to the dining room.

Most of the time we are here we are gathered around this awesome island drinking wine! :)

They are currently refinishing their basement, so I may have to invite myself back to take some pictures of that transformation when it is complete! Thanks for sharing your home with us John, Kel, and Jack!


  1. just beautiful Thank her letting us peek in

  2. You're not the only one wanting to paint her walls blue. Your friend has truly gorgeous taste. Thanks to both of you for sharing!!

  3. Oh wow! How GORGEOUS!!!! I love all of it…that huge, gorgeous kitchen, the beautiful, rich paint colors and the decor….*sigh! I can't wait to see more if you post their basement reno =))

  4. Beautiful home! Those lights in the kitchen are so cool!

  5. LOVE her home! It's nice to have wine-drinking AND design friends ; )

  6. Love her home - thank you for sharing! Would love to know the name of the navy blue color she used! :) Thank you in advance! Your blog is full of so many great ideas - thank you!


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