Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Decor and My Struggle with Mums!

This weekend we loaded up the car with a trunk load of beautiful mums and pumpkins! I was (clearly) in the mood for a lot of white. I also cannot get enough of funky heirloom pumpkins! They are so beautiful. And of course I had to get two big, bright orange ones for carving! Overall I just love the color combination. 

Here they are on our stoop:

SO, they may look pretty now but truth be told I REALLY struggle with keeping mums alive! This is actually my second round of mums... The current state of the old ones can be seen below.

I am usually pretty good with flowers and plants, but mums just get the best of me! I honestly don't know if I'm watering them too much or too little, or if they have too much sun or not enough sun.. I just don't know! Any tips or tricks?


  1. So pretty!! I just bought my mums because it is so hot where I live that they don't last very long. So I don't ave any good tips for you.

  2. They typically don't last long anyway, but you do have to dead head them (pinch just the bloom off when each starts to die). Maybe that'll help?

  3. I've had that problem here in Ohio as well, and my parents told me that I need to look for hardy mums if I want them to survive the cold. Also, I know that the earlier in the season that they're in bloom, the earlier they will die. Your original ones may have been an early blooming variety. Just a guess.

  4. Your porch is beautiful!!!! And I feel ya on the mums troubles! I usually get a set in the early fall and need to replace them half-way through, haha


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