Friday, September 7, 2012

Mudroom Tiling is Complete!

This room obviously hasn't been COMPLETELY cleaned up (tiling supplies everywhere) and we still need to put on the quarter round trim along the baseboards, but I could not wait to show you the finished result!

The tile is "Burma Negro" tile from the Tile Shop, with "London Fog" grout from there as well. I have to say, I think tiling is my new passion! It is much easier than I expected it to be, and the impact is tremendous! My next tiling projects are the kitchen backsplash and the 2nd floor bathroom, which should be happening sooner rather than later :) Can't wait to share!


  1. Looks awesome!

    Where did you find that beautiful botanical print?

  2. Thanks Wendy! The botanical print is from Restoration Hardware. Here is the link: :)

  3. I love this, too! Nice job! :) Would you mind sharing your paint color for the walls? I have an itch to repaint (again). :)

  4. What was the spacing you left for the grout line? Im installing very similar floor and I cant decide on the spacing.....I think 1/4 may look too big....I also considered 1/32 but I already purchased sanded grout so thats not gonna work unless I return it.

  5. Could you share where you got the tile and the name if you remember it? I've been searching for just this tile! So excited to see it here.

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