Tuesday, September 18, 2012

98 Days!

SO, one thing about me that I really, really love Christmas. I think I'm as excited for Christmas at age 29 as I was at age 6! I cannot help it. More than anything I love the time off, relaxing and laughing with my family around a sparkling tree and roasting fire, eating Christmas goodies, playing scrabble and watching movies, surprising people with gifts, and of course celebrating the reason for the season! So wonderful!

(My iPhone App Countdown - with a picture of my Christmas tree from last year!)

It's been SUPER fun having our own house to decorate :) Last year was wonderful, but we still had a TON of work to do on the house... This year, the house renovations should actually be (almost) DONE and I cannot wait to see it and enjoy it all decorated for the season :)

When it comes to 'Christmas Style', I would call mine natural and whimsical. I love the greens and silvers and woodsy feel, but I also love little touches that remind me of Christmas during my childhood. Old school, fat, colorful Christmas lights... traditional plaid table settings... homemade garland... All I can say is that it is going to be really fun to decorate this year!

Above are some of my favorites for Christmas 2012:

1 - Moss Covered Initial Letter
2 - Burlap Ribbon
3 - Painted Birch Candle
4 - Lit Magnolia Garland
5 - Naughty/Nice Gift Tag
6 - Merry Christmas Garland
7 - Red Mercury Glass Globe String Light
8 - Winter White Garland
9 - Red Berry Wreath
10 - Birch Round Vase Filler
11 - Oversized Mason Jar

ANYWAY, I won't get too ahead of myself. I love fall too! :) It's just starting to cool off and I just pulled out my pumpkins last week.. so this is the last you will hear from me about Christmas for awhile (but you better believe it's still in the very back of my mind!)

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