Monday, December 19, 2011

~My Christmas List~

Below are my Christmas lists :)

First is the list I sent to my family and my in-laws. Siblings typically spend about $50 per person on each other. Below are some gifts in that range that I would LOVE to have!

(My parents got us a garage door opener for our newly built garage! It is being installed this morning... so excited!!)

From Evan I asked for some new accessories for the half-bathroom downstairs.. and that he install them for me :)

And on my WISH list? A new, white AWD Honda Pilot :)

It would be very nice for driving in the snow!


  1. your enthusiasm is delightful
    I hope Santa is good to you
    I have all wheel drive and would never be without it

  2. Love Honda Pilots! Hope you get wonderful surprises for Christmas. :)


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