Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Sneak Peak

Life has been CRAZY lately and unfortunately most of it has to do with work. The good news is, I decided to work from home this morning. I am so enjoying sitting in my dining room with my tea working in peace and quiet!

Truth is, I actually have a phone interview with another company in about an hour. I'm not completely sure its the RIGHT fit but I'm excited to learn more. At least it is a step in the right direction - and there is something very freeing in that thought! :)

I'm ready to slow down and enjoy the season! (And my life!)


  1. I am so enjoying watching yur house unfold before me
    I love your decorating...so pure and cozy
    love the holly....hmmmm..have to get some now

  2. I hope the phone interview goes well. Work takes up so much of our lives that it really should be with a company that you can enjoy and grow with.
    Your decorations look peaceful. Is that real Holly? I need to plant a couple of bushes next year.

  3. I hope the interview went well! Your house looks wonderful. I'm sure I'd be very relaxed for my interview curled up on your couch in front of your pretty mantle. ;)


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