Thursday, January 8, 2015

How Far We've Come... Living Room!

Sorry for the delay on this post... I had the best intentions of posting every day this week and life just gets in the way! That is why I'm the worst blogger ever, but alas you already know that! (Ok, maybe not the WORST!)
Anyway.. The living room! The major changes we've made in here over the years are just refinishing the floors, painting, and adding a few light fixtures (Sconces by the fireplace, and a PB Photographer fixture above the artwork). Also, last year we got a new couch. Before that, almost everything was a hand-me-down or something we made!
You can't really tell from this photo, but these floors were SO BEAT UP when we moved in. It was the floor of a barn. They were so scratched and stained and dented.  

This is what the room looked like right after we moved in and painted.

Evan's hand drawn artwork! 

Here it is with the electrical done and floors stained..
Here is a shot with the new Pottery Barn Peyton Grommet drapes. Love these! 

Repainting the frames...

And for 2015, the plan is to get the new rug, new artwork, repaint the furniture, maybe add some canned lighting in the ceiling (the room is just SO dark at night!), and maybe retile the fireplace... Still debating this! I'm playing in photoshop with some ideas so I'll share these with you soon!
CONFESSION: The rug came in yesterday... the new artwork is already installed... and we plan to repaint the furniture this weekend! Tune in next week for the reveal! I LOVE IT!


  1. The room is lovely! Excited to see the changes you are bringing!

  2. All of your renovations look amazing!

  3. Wow. You guys are broke. Seriously- get REAL JOBS!

  4. Your colour scheme's great and your house has many wonderful period features that you've really made the most of. I like your choice of rug, but I'm intrigued by your proposed repainting of the furniture! I wait with bated breath to see what transpires in your next post and photos. Meanwhile, you're a great blogger and even better with Photoshop!

    Homer Collins @ Pinnacle Renovations


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