Friday, January 9, 2015

How Far We've Come.... Den!

Ohhh the den. How I've hated this space! I have just had complete designers block when its come to this space since the day we moved in. We've made improvements over the time, but the room just lacks purpose, warmth, and style.

Here is the room shortly after we moved in. The carpeting was d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g! We had an old, hand-me-down couch with an awful slipcover. 

The one thing we knew we wanted to do - and I actually do love - is the tall beadboard throughout the room.

We also opened up the built-ins to fit a larger TV (that we never use!)

So much about this room just irked me.. The gray paint was too silvery, the blinds were perpetually dirty no matter how much I tried to clean them, the curtains looked too yellowy, the rug is not my style, and the room overall does not look inviting.

When we found out we were hosting Christmas and having a ton of family in town, we brought in a second hand-me-down couch. It may have made the room more functional for that one Christmas with a dozen guests, but overall it did not make me like this room a single bit more.

THEN came the day when we couldn't take it anymore! The carpet had to go!

Based on a project we saw on Young House Love, we decided to sand and paint the subfloor until I could figure out what kind of carpet I wanted.

Also had to say goodbye to the silvery,blue, purplish paint. We decided to take a risk and try brown.

Much cleaner! With no furniture, I actually sort of like this room.

We were going to recover this sofa because we liked the size and shape, but it was super expensive to hire someone to make it (better to just buy a new couch!) and I just haven't got around to trying to make one myself. Also still not a big fan of the rug and the curtains.

Wow, this post has been pretty negative so far! ;) The good news is that we have a plan! Sooner rather than later, we are pitching the couch, donating the rug to Goodwill, selling the curtains, and starting from scratch. Our plan is to make this room a playroom for Miles. I picture a tepee tent as a perfect place for reading books and having adventures, a big toy box, thick cozy carpeting, and new curtains. That being said, I know the function I want this room to have but still don't have a completely clear vision of the style. I'm currently searching for some curtains that inspire me! Hoping that a year from now (or month from now!) this room looks completely different. No idea what that look will be, but I can't wait to share once we figure it out! 


  1. Would you consider plantation shutters..?

    1. Ooooh I LOVE plantation shutters! If I could, I'd have them all throughout my entire house!

  2. I love seeing the evolution of a room. And yay for a playroom for Miles!

    1. It is fun to see how they change over time! I'm getting really excited about the playroom, we started working on it already!

  3. As I was reading the post, I kept thinking "it would be perfect as a playroom!" And of course, you already thought of that. :) Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

    1. Haha great minds think alike!! ;) Daniel will have to test it out next time you guys are in town :)


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