Thursday, February 20, 2014

Progress on the Kitchen Built-Ins - Cabinet Doors!

If you may recall, we've had the framing of the built-ins in our kitchen done for awhile (see here), but a few weeks ago we installed two of the three cabinet doors. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! It is so nice to hide all the food/spices/cereal boxes/etc. that reside in this pantry. It makes the room feel 1000x cleaner and bigger. I can't stop looking at it.

And I would like to brag for a second that my sweet husband made these cabinet doors HIMSELF!! Because we couldn't find doors that matched the other cabinet doors perfectly and because we wanted very specific sizes,  we decided that instead of breaking the bank to have someone custom make them for us, we would invest in a router and buy the supplies we need and give it a shot ourselves (Errrr, himself. I had no participation!)

The last door will start underneath the microwave and down to the floor. Ahh so excited! :)

Then all that will be left to do in the kitchen will be the countertops! I'm leaning towards quartz that looks like marble, so we will have both the look and durability that we want. I tried ordering samples of Misty Carrera and London Gray from Caeserstone but they were completely sold out, and no place around us carries them either! (Go figure, I think I find something I want after a year of looking and can't get a sample! Blah!)

One step at a time!! If there is one thing I've learned in renovating this house, it is that good things (and/or good prices!) are always worth the wait!

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  1. So cute kitchen. Well organized! Your cabinets or kitchen furnitures are made to make your kitchen so neat.


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