Monday, April 7, 2014

Miles, Miles, Miles

Sorry for the lack of posting.. you'd think you have a lot of free time on maternity leave, but you'd be wrong! ;) Miles and I are busy busy cuddling, napping, nursing, doing laundry, diaper changing, and cuddling some more!

Miles turns 10-weeks old tomorrow and we are finally getting into a good routine during the day and sleeping well at night! This is such a fun time right now too because he just smiles like crazy! He loves bath time, laying down and kicking his legs (future soccer play like daddy), swinging in his swing, reading books, and talking (lots of cooing and loud yells of "ha!")

All in all, Evan and I have never been happier. This little guy is the best and our hearts are just overflowing with love! That being said, here are some of my favorite pictures from the last month so you can see what we have been up to :)

This boy LOVES tummy time!

Oops, his winter coat is just a little too big! :)

First walk! FINALLY warm enough a couple weeks ago! (I highly recommend this stroller by the way, the Britax B-Ready.. his carseat clips right in!)

Being a mom = best job ever! Also the hardest job ever! To keep it real, we definitely have struggled with Miles having "silent reflux", a form of acid reflux where instead of spitting up a lot, when any spit up comes up he tries to swallow it and sometimes chokes  or gags (so, so hard to watch). Along with it comes wet hiccups which are very uncomfortable for him (and again, for me to watch!)  Lots of tears over these issues from both me and him. His symptoms started around 3.5 weeks and I'm happy to say that a combination of medicine, holding him up for at last 30-minutes after eating, sleeping on an incline (we got a Rock and Play), cutting out almost all dairy, and time in general has really helped and he rarely has symptoms anymore! THANK GOD. He also had a cold the last couple of weeks which was also miserable. Many nights I just held him all night because he just wanted to cuddle and nuzzle up in my neck. Who needs sleep? I would do anything to get this guy feeling happy and healthy and thankfully thats where we are today! All smiles :)


  1. Oh Sara, he is just perfect in every way! The photo of him by the fire is such a great one. You are a great mommy!

  2. Aw, what a sweetie! Nothing better than snugglin' with your baby!

  3. That beautiful baby looks like a doll! I'm sorry you've had to deal with silent reflux. My son was eventually diagnosed with reflux when he was a baby and for the first month I was on pins and needles with the sound of his breathing at night. It sounded like he was choking too. Horrible feeling for new mom. I'm glad you found a solution. And congratulations on an otherwise healthy baby boy! They steal your heart! (I've been a reader for quite a while, but never commented!)

  4. He is so sweet, enjoy you're beautiful baby xx

  5. oh so good to see pictures of the little guy
    He looks like you in some and Evan in others.....a good thing
    So does that mean you have to give up dairy?
    My Amy...who has Tuula....has to give up dairy and soy!
    I just knew you would be a natural to this mama thingy!
    He's gorgeous

  6. Oh, thanks for sharing, he is really sweet. been waiting for pics. I know how busy you must be. Mary in NY

  7. Hi! I just found your blog while searching "hydrangea" (best flower EVER!). Your blog is lovely. :-) Congratulations on your new blessing. He's gorgeous! I remember as a new mom all of the advice others had to offer--after a while it gets old. Now that I'm on the other end, I'd like to offer some. :-) Apologies in advance. Check out Craniosacral Therapy. Sounds sort of scary, but it's an extraordinarily gentle thing--and would have saved my sanity back then. Do a little research about it. It's hard to see your baby/heart/reason for breathing struggle. Without doing the horror story thing many veteran moms seem to do to 'newbies', I'll just say that I understand--and believe me, I do. This is an exciting time in your lives, enjoy it (messes and all!). Blessings to your new family. :-) ~Laura

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