Thursday, October 17, 2013

Custom Kitchen Built-Ins = 75% Done!

We've been working on built-ins in our kitchen for the last couple of months, and we are SO CLOSE to being done! At this point, we need a cabinet door along the pantry to the left of the fridge, and another door on the 2-cabinets directly below the microwave. (The rest will be open display) We also still need to prime and paint the new crown molding and repaint the wall below the molding in gray. Finally, we have to finish the baseboards and door frames... Ok, so maybe we more like 60% done! Still though, I am loving the progress! Having the extra storage is pretty much life changing (You would feel that way as well if you had food fall out of the small double cabinets above of the dishwasher every time you opened the doors!)

I also decided I do not like having the trash can in the pantry. It's a pain (husbands idea, sorry Evan!) so we are going to put more shelves in there for even more storage.

Next on the list is new countertops (still debating the marble) and and a farmhouse sink. I also want new window coverings, but not 100% sure which direction I would like to go on these.

As a reminder, here is what it looked like right before we started the built-ins:


  1. Wow wow wow!! Gorgeous. I hope you're feeling well :)

  2. Awesome! This kitchen is absolutely amazing. I love the design and the elegant style. This is indeed a perfectly organized kitchen ever. Thanks!


  3. Wow what a difference , its gorgeous


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