Monday, February 17, 2014

More of Miles

We love this boy!

Although it's true what they say that a newborn will turn your world completely upside down, our hearts could not be more full! Some thoughts: 
  • He is so sweet and cuddly and LOVES his cheeks being kissed. 
  • It melts my heart that he calms down at the sound of my voice. 
  • Even though the late night feedings are still difficult for this tired mama, it is such a special time I spend with him and I am cherishing every second of it while it lasts! 
  • I feel so proud to be able to say "my son" when talking about him <3 So, so proud!
  • He is absolutely GROWING before our eyes! His little chicken legs are starting to plump, he's more alert every day, and he is packing on the ounces ;) 


  1. Oh my goodness..what a sweet little doll baby!! He is just adorable!

  2. I think he has your eyes, sara!
    He's Sarah is down to her last 2 weeks......and crabby!
    So happy for you

  3. He is so sweet! Love the name Miles as well!


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