Sunday, July 29, 2012

Retail Therapy @ J.Crew.. never fails!

Last time I posted, I was a little stressed about the demolition in the kitchen and the mess.. Unfortunately, things only got worse.. Thursday I started feeling under the weather, and Friday I was diagnosed witih strep throat and an ear infection!


After resting up for two solid and a half days, I decided to venture to the mall to get a smoothie (There is nothing like a chilly drink to soothe a sore throat!)  On the way, I ended up bopping into J.Crew for a few minutes and of course couldn't resist purchasing a few of their new, beautiful fall items! I ended up getting two scarves (dot) and the sweater below.

I am such a sucker for polka dots and leapord print! :) I was actually thrilled to see this polka dot sweater there in this color and in my size. I tried to order it online several days ago and it was sold out! SO, while shopping didn't cure my ailments or clean my kitchen, it DID lift my spirits :)

However, I have some good news about the kitchen floor demolition too... Will share soon!

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  1. I love happy for you that you found that adorable sweater in your size....
    and ouch about the throat....make sure you recheck to make certain its gone :_


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