Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kitchen Floor Demo Ahhhhhh!!!

Ripping out the layers and layers and flooring in the kitchen (5 to be exact) is turning out to be absolutely grueling....

Now I think I understand why they just kept layering it on instead of ripping it up!

Granted if we would have done that, there would have been like a 5-inch difference between the floors in the kitchen and the floors in the dining room lol :) Tell me its worth it!

Definitely feeling the stress right now like I never have before in this project! :( Usually I'm one to enjoy the journey but right now I just want this to be OVER! Any words of comfort, motivation, and patience you can give would be much appreciated right now!


  1. Wow, five layers! Good luck! I'm so excited to see how the kitchen is progressing. :)

  2. oh absolutely you are doing the right thing...and planning on being in this house a LONG will be proud that you is going to be gorgeous..and you are restoring the house to what it tile at a time and it will be done...and just wouldn't want to be doing this with little feet in the way!
    bless you Sara

  3. I just found your blog via pinterest. What a lovely home you have!! We just bought an 1834 farmhouse and, like you all, we have spent the last 2 months bustin our humps!! It is hard, draining, bring you to your breaking point, work.
    In the midst of all the reno we've had our fridge leak and ruin our beautifully finished original farmhouse floors, mice die in our walls, and our new little kittens infest our completely renovated house with fleas!!! So....just the midst of all your dust of could always be could have the smell of death from mice in your walls and fleas biting you while you!!!
    Looking forward to your after photos!!! Hang in there!!!!!

  4. My only advice is to try and create one room that is untouched by the renovation. When we did our kitchen it was our master bedroom. I tried to keep it clutter free and it was always a place to retreat to during the chaos. I just recently found your blog love all that you've done to your home.
    Hang in there!


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