Sunday, July 8, 2012

Closet Makeover: Complete!

My closet's been in MUCH need of a makeover! The walls were off-white, dirty, and beat up.  It was dreadful! 

Obviously I planned to paint my closet, but I didn't just want a fresh coat and call it a day. I wanted more than that... I wanted this space to INSPIRE me! The way I feel when I walk into J.Crew or Madewell or Nordstrom, when I see something on a hanger and dream of how I could wear it and where! 

Below is the lovely before picture. First, I dumped everything in my closet in the guest bedroom. Then, I primed the closet top to bottom (I used Killz primer, the stuff is incredible). Then, I painted the ceiling and walls the same color as my master bedroom - Martha Stewart's Flagstone.

I then went through every piece of clothing I owned and decided whether it was worth keeping or whether to donate to Goodwill. I got rid of three HUGE bags of clothes! It felt sooo good to purge and it excites me to know that is what is left in my closet are the clothes that fit will, are in good condition, and make me feel good when I wear them! (Seriously, should clothes that DON'T meet this criteria ever be an option?)

 Plus, this closet is obviously super small (one of the wonderful characteristics of a home built in the 1940s!) so freeing up the space and giving my clothes more breathing room on the racks also makes it feel much more like the "store" feel I was after.

Next, I bought these amazing bins from the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot (Gosh, I love that line!) They were $7 bucks a pop and GREAT for storage. I've got one for scarves, one for swimsuits, one for painting clothes, one for contacts, and others for misc. items. I lovvvveee being organized.

The cubbies on the side of the closet are great for displaying my favorite bags and shoes.

Now, the entrance to my closet (between the master bedroom and master bath) and the closet feel like my own little (I emphasize the LITTLE!) boutique! :)  It may be a little change, but it will definitely make getting dressed in the morning a little more fun.

Unfortunately, it also inspired me to repaint all of the other closets in the house as well. I feel that having clean, freshly painted closets bring this house from feeling like the old house it is to feeling new and clean and crisp! You readers with new houses or apartments might think I'm crazy, but if you have an old house you'd understand how significant this is! I've already started into three more closets... Did I mention that most of these are wallpapered and super musty? The transformations are amazing. I'll post more pics soon :) 


  1. This post makes me want to paint all of my closet. What a beautiful, clean, and organized space you have now!


  2. This might be random, but I love those neon nikes you have in your closet. Do you know the name or number on those so I can get some for myself??

  3. Hi Sarah! They are the Nike 'Free Run -3" shoes in Liquid Lime. I got mine for $100 at Nordstrom. They are fun and SUPER comfy! Here is the link!


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