Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summertime Blue (and I'm back!)

In my book, it is officially summer! :)

My huge May 31st deadline at work has passed, Evan took his CFA Level III exam yesterday, and now the work is behind us and a wonderful summer is ahead of us! (And many, many house projects!)

The first thing I've done with my free time is to incorporate blue inside and out. I love splashes of blue in the summertime.

Next on the list? Renovating all three bathrooms, knocking out walls, finishing the kitchen renovation, tiling the mudroom and entry, installing new baseboard throughout the house, painting and decorating the third floor bedroom/bathroom, landscaping, and so much more!

I know I've been a little silent over here the last month but I hope you stick with me! I can't wait to share all of our projects and fun summertime experiences with you :)


  1. I'm always checking on you
    can't wait to see ALL the changes

  2. I always love your home pictures ... you have such a keen eye for great decor and it's so inspiring! Can't wait for more home updates :)

  3. Glad your back, everyone needs a big break to re-charge the batteries and share all the new and exciting ideas. Can't wait to see some new pictures. Your house is really looking great.

  4. Love the blue. My favorite color! My husband completed his CFA exams a few years back. Congratulations to your husband, great accomplishment!


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