Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Sky (Ceiling) is Falling!

This weekend we were finally able to jump back into the kitchen... down came the cabinets and down came the ceiling above the eating area!

First I emptied the cabinets..

My dining room now looks like THIS! Ahh!

Here it is with the cabinets down... making progress!

And now, here it is with the ceiling down! (We had to do this in order to move the plumbing stack and raise the ceiling. Originally the ceiling in the eating area was dropped about 8-inches from the ceiling on the other side of the open wall)

Even though we had had tarps up, windows open, and vacuums running the whole time we were working, my 1st floor is still covered in a layer of dust. Looking at the ceiling, while exciting, also totally stressed me out! At least a little Jenni's ice cream helps..

And a little bit of wine goes a long way, too! (Can you tell the person taking the picture was also drinking wine? Lol)

At least it should look more like this in no time!


  1. oh my goodness...but you must make a mess to get it done....I think it is going to look fabulous.....drink on

  2. You guys are so brave to take this on ... I'm incredibly impressed, Sara!

  3. So exciting! And yes, jeni's and wine always helps. ;)

  4. This is so much fun to watch your reno taking place. I know about the dust but it all gets cleaned up eventually. The wine and ice cream sounds like a plan next I'm doing a reno. Maybe I'll start one tomorrow.


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