Friday, May 4, 2012

Today I'm 29!!

Today is my 29th birthday! :) It's been a WONDERFUL day! 

Evan got me flowers (hydrangeas of course!) and made me cupcakes.

He even helped me hang the new curtains that arrived today!! 
(I don't think I like them so high though... the original plan was to get them hemmed to about 90" so I think I'll go ahead with that!)

Here I am blowing out the candles!! Made a big wish for the year :)

One of my favorite gifts - this botanical print from Restoration Hardware!

AND, Evan surprised me with a new car! 

(I should note though, we are not crazy, we have been thinking about getting a new one for a LONG time but he definitely surprised me today by coming home with this baby! So excited and blessed!)

Here is to hoping today is the start of a wonderful year! :)


  1. oh are loved!
    Happy are my daughter Sarah's age and her husband just had a birthday too...
    I love your new the drapes first to see if you like them shorter....I like them high..but Im old.....just ask my daughter

    Sounds like you had a fantastic day. And a new car to boot. You are a lucky girl. Nice car by the way.
    I think I like the curtain rods lower and to have them hemmed might be the right idea.
    But what do I really know about curtain because we have blinds which I don't care for but they where cheap at the time. When you have 26 windows to dress up I'm going the cheapest way first to see what I really want.
    Love the Cupcakes, so much better than a huge cake.

  3. Thanks Suz & the Witch :) I appreciate the birthday wishes!

  4. Happy happy birthday! This looks like a perfect celebration, and I love the new ride. :)

  5. Happy (belated) birthday! It looks like you had an amazing day! Love your new car and that RH print is super pretty!



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