Friday, December 26, 2014

Coming Soon!

Almost two months ago we ordered this beautiful "Desa Rug" from Pottery Barn for our living room. It has been on back order but should be arriving in the next couple of weeks and I am so excited! It is 10' x 14', so it will fill the room so much better than the small rug we have in there right now and it will be significantly more comfortable. The rug itself is thick and soft, and we ordered the PB premium rug pad to go underneath it. Given the fact Miles is almost a year old, we are playing on floor CONSTANTLY, so this will be such a luxury!

We'd been looking for a rug for this room for a long time, but we hadn't found one we loved quite enough to pull the trigger until we brought a square sample of this one home and it just "clicked!" It really ties together the wall color, throw pillows, and oversized chair.

AND, just in case I end up hating it in the living room (fat chance!), we could also put it in our master bedroom as a plan B because it would fit in there pretty perfectly as well.  No way we can go wrong, right?

Now we just have to wait! Let the countdown begin!

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  1. What a unique and good-looking rug! It makes sense to wait so you can find quality elements like this rug that really pull the room together.


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