Saturday, December 13, 2014

3rd Floor Renovation - Guest Room Setup!

After working our you-know-whats off for a solid month, I'm happy to say we were able turn our third floor into a pretty comfortable temporary guest room for Thanksgiving. From start to finish, here is what we did:
  • Painted the walls Martha Stewart's Flagstone (From Home Depot)
  • Sanded the floors and stained them Sherwin William's  Interior Classic stain in Pickled White (2-Coats)
  • Installed new baseboards
  • Installed new trim around the windows
  • Put up new curtains
By far my favorite part is the transformation of the hard wood floors. I would never be daring enough to stain the floors this color in a more prominent area of the house, but I LOVE the result! Like love it so much I want to marry it. I can't stop going and looking at it and just sighing! haha :) 

The permanent plan is to turn it into my office, so I look forward to transitioning the room over Christmas break for that purpose! Here are some pictures of the transformation: 


  1. The room looks beautiful! Those floors... ah, I'm sighing too haha. Love the bedding and the drapes and the wall color too! So, basically I love everything haha. It looks so calming and inviting.

  2. Lovely!! You have such a signature style!

  3. Just beautiful! You did a fabulous job!

  4. Thank you everyone! SO tickled that you like how it turend out :)


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