Tuesday, April 15, 2014

House Tour with Baby Stuff EVERYWHERE!

As you can imagine, when you have a new baby, you have a lot of associated STUFF that comes along with caring for that sweet little bundle of joy! In our case, it has infiltrated every single room of our house, and I LOVE it (from a functional standpoint at least!) Since I like my house clean and looking nice, we also placed things pretty strategically and invested a little more to obtain baby-stuff with a style/design that we liked and that worked in our home.

Let me give you the tour:

1) Den
First in the den, we have our Joovy Play Yard (in Blueberry). This is our command station on the first floor.  The changing table on the top is awesome. This is where we change 80% of all diapers. I also like this unit because  the left side of it has storage for diapers, lotions, clothes, etc. Easy access is essential! Miles doesn't sleep in this yet, so we currently use it for the storage of towels, his Ergo carrier, and spare outfits. We also have an Ubbi Diaper pail down here (and one in the nursery). These are great - they are stylish, they totally encapsulate the odors, and they use regular kitchen trash bags! I highly recommend this product. We also have a little metal bin down here that we use as a laundry basket.

 We also have this cute Anywhere Chair from PB Kids in our den, not that he has used it yet! He needs to be a little bit bigger first :)

2) Living Room
The most important thing in this room, and perhaps the most valuable baby item we have: THE SWING! We have the Graco Duet Soothee Swing and Rocker. It is amazing. Miles LOVES this thing. He loves the motion and the music. He is always, always happy when we put him in here. The other thing I like about it is that the swing seat can be removed from the base, so you can easily use it as a seat anywhere in the house. So functional.

We also love the Farmyard Activity Gym from PB Kids. Miles loves what we call "kick time", where he just lays on his back and kicks for several 10-15 increments throughout the day. He loves it and it gives him exercise! Another essential is the Boppy Pillow. We use it every day for tummy time, and it is also really nice for holding him on the floor or on our bed because it props his head up.

3) Dining Room 
In our dining room we have the Joovy Spoon walker. (Again, something he hasn't used YET!)

4) Kitchen
In our kitchen, we have a Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play bassinet. It is really nice to put him in this when I'm making meals or doing dishes and want him close by. (Just a note, I think he currently likes being in this more than the Joovy pack and play at this point because its more enclosed and cozy).

In our kitchen, we also have a whole baby section on our countertop (far left corner) where we store bottles, pacifiers, and pump accessories as they dry. I keep the pieces and parts in clear glass canisters when they are clean, but seriously we are always washing a handful of these things so its just become a normal part of life to have them drying out on the counter!

5) Master Bedroom
In our bedroom we have the Restoration Hardware Moses Basket. He doesn't sleep in this unsupervised (I'm a little nervous about all of the fabric), but its really nice to put him in here when I'm changing, folding laundry, or cleaning our room. He loves it too. He almost always falls asleep right away when he's placed in here.

6) Master Bathroom
We also use the basket in the master bathroom when we are showering so we can keep a close eye on him. It is easy to move around and like I said, he loves it, which means I can get in a nice, long peaceful shower every morning! :)

7) Mudroom
Our mudroom now houses our stroller and carseat. Since its not a very big room, this stuff basically has taken over this room. Very convenient though!

It might seem a little overkill to have something that can hold him in almost every room, but it is so convenient not to have to lug things from room-to-room (especially when trying to comfort a crying baby!) So having something in every room has been great (and even greater that virtually everything we got as gifts!)  

Like I said, the baby stuff is EVERYWHERE! However, we wouldn't change a thing :) 

What tips do you have for incorporating baby stuff into your house?


  1. ha ha looks like my daughters houses......
    Tuula has a swing that goes up and down and side to side...sort of like a ride
    Your house is so beautiful Sara, and I too took my kids in every room (although not in such finery as a Moses basket)
    Our Finn is now 4.....and trust me the clutter gets worse....their basement is called FINNLAND :-0

  2. It's amazing how much stuff we need for one little bundle of joy. I hope you are enjoying your beautiful baby.

  3. Sara what kind of stroller did you buy? It is so cute!

  4. Gorgeous! Your house looks amazing as ever! Well, I really think you did an amazing job in integrating the baby stuff and necessities perfectly. I really think that the important factors in incorporating the baby stuff in a house would be coordinating in size, shape and color scheme with the surrounding furniture and decor. That way, harmonious transition would be achieved. More power to you and your blog!

    Marjorie McKay @ RE/MAX Real Estate


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