Monday, September 16, 2013

Baby Boy Clothes!

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments about our baby boy on the way - they mean so much to me! :)

So lets continue on the topic of baby boys! I remember some of my friends telling me their one disappointment with having a boy is that they are not as much fun to shop for... So far, I COMPLETELY disagree!! I've had so much fun shopping for little boy outfits and pajamas that I cannot even help myself! Here is a collage of a few things I just LOVED:

From Nordstrom, Baby Gap, Serena & Lily, and Carters :)

Holding the clothes makes me just want to hold my little sweetie!!


  1. Yes to Carter's!!! And baby gap. They had cute stuff for baby boys. When are you due again??

  2. They are amazing! Carter's I got four things for $30- woo hoo! Due February 8th :)

  3. You will never see this children clothes ever,very cool than you can imagine

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