Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Finishing Touches in the Master Bath

Along with the kitchen, this is like the project that will never end! A couple of weeks ago we decided to bite the bullet and work on the finishing touches.

First, I made a lovely (and much needed) shelf for above the tub. So easy - literally a couple of corbels from Home Depot ($8 each) and a board, painted white. Of course Evan was the one who actually drilled it into the wall (So tough w/plaster walls!)

Then we hung up the last towel rod... (by we once again I mean Evan!)

The final result! Woo hoo

We also put some "baseboard" tile around the bottom of the shower. Water was starting to stain the lower part of the wall, so tile here was much needed.

Tuckie helped too :) 

Now we just have to have the bathtub re-coated and we'll be all set! :) I'm ready for a bubble bath!

(Sorry about the white balance in these pictures... so hard to get it right in this small space!)


  1. I love the tile you chose, it's timeless :)

  2. Hi Sara !just stumbled upon your blog and its wonderful. I love your style and ideas!can you tell me what color you painted the bathroom ? I am looking for a similar shade for mine. :-)


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