Monday, January 14, 2013

This will be mine in 2013!

I've loved the Lancaster Leather Sofa from Restoration Hardware for a lonnggg time! I've decided that I'm going to save $125 per paycheck to put towards purchasing it this year :)

(It's super expensive, but it usually goes on sale a few times a year!)


  1. Oh yes :) You sink right into it.. my mom hates it for the very reason I love it ;)

  2. Beautiful. I remember you posting about this sofa before so save girl so you can finally enjoy it. Can't wait to see the day you post it in your house.

  3. Beautiful sofa. Would love to see how it looks in your home.

  4. My future brother and sister-in-law have this couch and they had to replace the cushion inserts just a year after owning as they were soooo slouchy, so I'd ask about the cushion inserts available before you buy it as I believe they've changed to last longer. :)


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