Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Entry Rug! (& Sneak Peek of the Tree!)

I recently bought a new, beautiful, striped rug for the entry from Crate & Barrel (Olin Grey Rug). After the kitchen renovation and the floors FINALLY being finished, I didn't have the heart to put the old rug back in this location.. Even though I loved the design, it was dusty, and if there is one thing this kitchen renovation has made me despise, it is DUST! The old rug had to go.

Anyway, here is the new rug! I LOVE it! It makes the space feel so much warmer. And it was 15% off the weekend after Thanksgiving, which makes me love it even more :)

AND, I love my tree :) And I love that the house is finally starting to come together! 


  1. My daughter has that same rug!
    Your house is so beautiful and orderly
    ...homey....great job
    I'll bet you have increased its value greatly

  2. Sarah, I love your wall color, your home is beautiful. What is it if you don't mind sharing?

  3. Your house is so beautiful, and I love the tree and new rug! :)


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