Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Pajamas - A tradition!

I love Christmas pajamas. They are WAY better than regular pajamas!  They are not only cozy, but they are festive, colorful, and they get you in the mood for a bedtime snack milk and cookies :)

This year on Thanksgiving night, we watched "Arthur Christmas" with my family, and it got us in the Christmas spirit right away! Evan and I enjoyed it so much, we have decided we should make it a tradition to always watch a Christmas movie late on Thanksgiving night! Additionally, we decided a future part of the tradition would be to give our children a pair of Christmas pajamas on the night of Thanksgiving before watching the movie :)  Sounds like such a special way to kick-off the to start the Christmas season! I'm not even a kid and I love it!

Here are some of my favorites for the whole family:

Going clockwise from the top left, here's where you can get these snazzy pajamas:


  1. oh I love tradition
    and you are smart to think of it ahead of time
    so you will follow through\
    great idae Sara


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