Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lake Geneva - The Estate

My aunt & uncle live on a beautiful estate in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I spent a week here each summer and spent almost every Christmas here throughout my childhood. Such a WONDERFUL place with so many wonderful memories! We made a quick stop there this trip and took a lovely walk along the estate and the lake. The pictures don't even do it justice.

My aunt & uncle's beautiful house:

The cousins begin our walk:

The stable:

My favorite house on the estate:

New pets!

The main house on the estate that is right on the lake:

Boat house:

The pier:

Hello beautiful boats:

Me soaking up the sun!

And back to my aunt & uncle's house to relax :)


  1. Beautiful! Our family spent this last Thanksgiving at Lake Geneva and had a wonderful time. It is such a great place to visit. How lovely that you got to spend so much of your childhood there.

  2. oh it will be so nice to bring your future children there too
    and that is quite an estate
    beautiful....wish I had had an aunt and uncle like that growing up

  3. Wow, gorgeous! I just adore Lake Geneva. Are there little shops or restaurants you always visit there?

  4. One of Wisconsin's best kept secrets!
    My dad grew up in Chicago and was lucky enough to spend every summer there with his grandparents/cousins/2nd cousins/family, they're all crazy Italian's! I too have spent many summers,I never swam in the lake, but rather walked around and looked at houses! Your pictures look like the Williams Bay side maybe?
    -I stumbled across your blog& love your work!


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