Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Too Short but Sweet!

Soo I got new curtains for the dining room! See the problem?

I originally ordered 84" curtains thinking they'd be great, but once we got them I decided that they would be too low at that height.. I didn't even bother moving the curtain rods down, I just knew the second I saw it that I didn't want them any lower! (Would have been nice if I could have visualized that BEFORE I ordered them, but oh well!) 

 The ones you see here are already packed up and on their way back to Pottery Barn. I have 96" curtains coming later this week, and we'll have them hemmed a few inches so they are the PERFECT height for the room :) Looking at the short ones in the room still gets me excited though! The fabric is SOOO much better than the white sheets that were used as window hangings for the last year (they were here when we moved in).

These are the Peyton Grommet Drapes from Pottery Barn in "Oatmeal". I love that they are lined and have oil rubbed bronze grommets. When I went back to order the right size curtains, I actually ended up getting the same ones but in white for the living room. Can't wait for them to arrive and to show you how they look :)

(by the way, these ones look super wrinkly at the moment beause they'd JUST gotten out of the box!)


  1. oh, just lovely! Have you ever shopped a West Elm?
    mu daughter is crazy about their drapes and rugs

  2. Hi Suz! YES - That is where I have gotten the drapes for every other room in my house :)

  3. What a great difference it will make when these are up -- I can't wait to see!

  4. Oh new curtains always make me happy!!!!

  5. I really like these and the color is perfect! The new longer ones look fabulous. :)

  6. I love your style! Can you tell me where you got your lantern over the table?

  7. The lantern is from Restoration Hardware. You can find it here:


  8. I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if you know what the paint color is in your dining room? I have been looking for something exactly like it for our dining room and have been having a hard time. Thanks!


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