Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Evan's B-Day Recap!

Yesterday was Evan's 29th birthday!! :) We both had LONG days at work, so we just had a small, casual shindig with Evan's family and a couple of friends... cake.. beer... balloons.. and presents!

Evan doing the robot as we sang Happy Birthday ;)


  1. Happy birthday, Evan! PS - Ian loves Great Lakes beer, too ... he was so happy to find that we can get it down in NC.

    happy birthday evan

  3. What a brilliant post to 'find' you with! I don't know you, but Happy birthday Evan from across the pond in the UK. If only ALL of the men in our lives knew how to do 'the robot' then the world would be a FAR better place! Great blog - great style! x

  4. Where did you purchase the white shelving in the dining room?

  5. They were from Value City Furniture a few years ago, $99 each!


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