Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Snow, Strawberries, Shopping and other things I've been up to lately :)

I know I haven't been around much... Life has been busy but life has been good! Spring has been amazing :) We are enjoying lots and lots of walks around the neighborhood, by far my favorite part of each day. I love the quality time with Evan (and of course Tucker!) We call them "walkie talkies" because we have the best talks on our walks!

Earlier this week we got SNOW!! Woke up to about an inch of it on the lawn. It was actually beautiful. Melted about 5 minutes after the sun came up... which was ok with me :) 

My coworker Lauren brought me a strawberry cupcake on Tuesday. She is so sweet! Yes, it tasted as good as it looked!

I've also treated myself to a couple treats this week... a new scarf from J.Crew... Toms (have you tried on a pair?  They may be kind of weird looking but they are SO comfortable!)... and some new make-up - always a nice little pick-me-up!

When I'm not having fun walking, working, shopping, or snoozing, we've been working away on the kitchen! It is coming along slowly but surely... Even though we are just beginning the process, I can already tell it is going to be the heart of the home! 

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