Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reconfiguring of the Built-In's

This is what the built-ins looked like when we moved in...

The built-in's did not fit our TV... so Evan took a saw and sander to it and reconfigured them! 

I primed and re-painted them this weekend :) 

We still want to add a piece of trim under the shelves above the TV to give it a more finished look!

We are also going to get new oil-rubbed bronze hardware for the cabinets... new carpet... new blinds.. and a new couch (hence the reason I'm not showing you the other half of the room!)


  1. you two are quite the team
    love it

  2. your paint colors are perfect!

  3. Nice work. Everything looks so neat and tidy. The new hardware will really make the built in's stand out more.

  4. Oh that looks great! You are saving so much money doing this by yourself!


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