Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Design Decision I REGRET! Ugh

You may remember my post about the den a few days ago... Well, I'm having major "Designer's Block" when it comes to this room. I think it all traces back to this bad decision I made...

You see, I bought these curtains for our den from West Elm... Beautiful right? Thats what I thought too...

I thought I carefully planned out the room ahead of time.. The room gets a ton of sunlight and we decided that we wanted the room to be light and airy (As you know, I typically gravitate towards darker, earthier, cozier colors

Anyway, I thought I had the perfect plan... At first I had no trouble picking out the curtains, the upper wall color, the beadboard, and the new carpeting.

I thought I'd get one of the following couches to go in the room:
(1st one from Restoration Hardware, 2nd one from Pottery Barn)

The problem is that once I got the blinds up and lived with them for awhile, I decided they looked so YELLOW!! 

They perfectly match the dirty, faded blinds that are going in the trash. And now I can't look at the curtains without thinking of faded, dirty yellow. It makes me want to puke!

I also hate how close the curtain rod is in to the blinds.. I wish I would have gone with a 96" curtain instead of an 84"... They look so scrunched!

I also think the room just looks and feels TOO light. There is nothing grounding it and that just doesn't sit well with me. It's uncomfortable!

But maybe the blinds, ugly carpet, terrible bold brown rug, and temporary couch are just clouding my vision....

Although I typically feel like at any time I walk into any room and instantly envision a great design scheme for it in my mind, in this room I'm completely stuck!!!! I can't envision my old vision nevertheless a new one. It keeps me up at night! Lol ;)

Unfortunately, no matter what I decide, I bought these curtains too long ago to return them. Oh well, sunk cost! 

But have you ever made it halfway through a design plan and then decided it wasn't feeling right to you, and then started over? And how did you get re-inspired?



  1. Definitely keep the curtains - they are totally workable. I dont think that raising the rods would help much (even if you could add length to the curtains) as the roof line is fairly low.

    Are you getting rid of the new blinds? Have you thought about a darker bamboo shade?

    I also think that adding a large piece of artwork above the sofa would help, as would painting the inside of the builtins a bold color.

    I think the room looks great, you just need to get your vision back!

  2. I think these curtains will still work if you put a darker shade or blind underneath them. That's just my two cents.

  3. if you are doing the new/darker blinds as suggested above, would getting them to fit inside the moulding help with the curtain rod length issue?

  4. I agree with everyone, keep the beautiful curtains! You can either go with the bamboo, which would look great, OR use those as sheer inner curtains and get darker curtains for the outsides...they might all be able to fit on the rod, or you can get double rods.


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