Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Remember me? And a pretty house tour!

Hello long lost friends! It's been awhile, hasn't it? Guess I've just been distracted w/living life, working, spending time with family and friends! :) Even though my list of house projects is long, we've been super busy (or busy relaxing!) the last several weeks, so I haven't had any updates to share.. But soon... hopefully :)

In the meantime, I was going through my computer and found pictures of this house I LOVE. I took these a year and a half ago at our communities Parade of Homes. It is one of my favorites ever!

Ahh, I love it :)

Hope you are all doing well!


  1. Beautiful house. I really love the kitchen island,
    I could make some great meals and desserts on that counter top. Maybe in our nest house or if we find a old farm house which we can gut and re-model to a modern day kitchen.
    Lots of neat storage spaces through out the place.

  2. oh that is one gorgeous home

  3. Personally, the Bathroom and the garden are the best part of the house. From the tiles to the dotted walls, the pillars of the garden (which made it look noble). Everything is just so better.

    1. Oh, yes! I do have to agree with Randy that the garden is really quite astonishing. Everything looks so majestic, Sara! Not to mention that the dotted walls in the bathroom looks almost the same as my sister's, actually.


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